Green Deal: With digital certification standard to climate-neutral building stock

synavision closes financing round for a seven-digit Euro investment. Strong push for the leading technology integrator through new partners

Bielefeld, February 11, 2020. synavision GmbH, specialist for perfect building performance, has closed a financing round for a seven-digit Euro amount. BitStone Capital, a venture capital company with strong investors from the construction and real estate industry, and CUT POWER AG, an independent sustainability investor active throughout Europe, have both invested in synavision.

The “Green Deal” for Europe announced by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen includes significantly higher energy efficiency in the building sector. According to experts, there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in existing buildings, on the way to climate-neutral large properties. At the same time, the assessment of every large building by engineers after conventional testing implies an immense effort. Moreover, there are not enough qualified specialists available for this. In other words: without digital solutions, the ambitious CO2 reduction targets for existing buildings cannot be achieved. With the investments of BitStone Capital and CUT POWER AG, synavision, which specializes in digital building optimization, can now be even more consistent in its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions pursue the goal of “perfect building performance”.

synavision is a leading provider of digital services and software for the quality management of smart buildings. “Through the strategic partnership with Bitstone Capital and CutPower, we are able to establish this new digital standard in the construction and real estate industry and finally make the building stock in Europe carbon neutral”, says Dr. Stefan Plesser, founder of synavision.

Through “COPILOT Building Commissioning Solutions”, a joint venture with REHVA, the European umbrella organisation TGA, and EUROVENT, leading European certification company in the field of building services engineering, synavision provides the technology core of the new standard for the world’s first digital certification for building services engineering in operation. Dr. Stefan Plesser explains: “Building owners and investors benefit from buildings that really work. Our digital certification increases the value of the buildings and ensures satisfied tenants and users through lower ancillary costs and a comfortable climate”.

“Through the combination of digital technology, green building certification and our investment opportunities, we quickly bring complete property portfolios into climate neutrality. And we do this in a technology-neutral way and without additional costs for the owner”, explains CutPower-CEO Karl Eberhard Hunke the motivation for the investment. At the same time, new requirements, such as equipping the properties with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, can be perfectly integrated. Normal and super-fast charging points are made available nationwide via a CutPower subsidiary “as a service”. It is also important for CutPower division manager Joachim Killian “to keep the previous partners, i.e. facility and property managers or technical service providers of the properties on board”.

And Kai Panitzki, Managing Director of BitStone Capital, confirms: “The participation in synavision is an important component of our strategy to combine digital business models around the building to a unique offering. With synavision, we are establishing the essential process to successfully exploit the great opportunities offered by smart technologies in construction”.